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i"m not a perfect girl .. My hair doesn't owes stay in place & i spill things a lot . i'm preety clumsy n sumtime i have a broken heart . 'my fren n i sumtime FIGHT myB sum days nuthing goes rite .. n myB but when i think 'about it' & n take a step back ,, i remember how amazing LIFE truly is & dat myB . Juz myB , i like being UNPERFECT ..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

( i ) ( F )

If it is you know how I love her in the crew ..

I am sure you also love my state more than that,

If you know how hard is it I want to forget even a moment you were right ..

I am sure you too will never forget my right.

If you know how painful is it away from you,

I am sure there must always be on my side all the time.

If you know me is very necessary right crew.

I'm sure, you do not give a spirit close to right past me.

If it is you are destined for me one day,

I will make sure you is the happiest person in the world.

and I will confirm that!