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i"m not a perfect girl .. My hair doesn't owes stay in place & i spill things a lot . i'm preety clumsy n sumtime i have a broken heart . 'my fren n i sumtime FIGHT myB sum days nuthing goes rite .. n myB but when i think 'about it' & n take a step back ,, i remember how amazing LIFE truly is & dat myB . Juz myB , i like being UNPERFECT ..

Saturday, February 12, 2011



change to become the best
not .. not change to get away from sum1..
change from bad to be gud
change from the want who frowned to be frenly..
change from angry to be patient ..
do we as human always make mistake.. 
but we hav time to change ..
i also want to change .. can i ?
juz only one i will never change ..
its .. always to LOVE u as long as wit u ...