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i"m not a perfect girl .. My hair doesn't owes stay in place & i spill things a lot . i'm preety clumsy n sumtime i have a broken heart . 'my fren n i sumtime FIGHT myB sum days nuthing goes rite .. n myB but when i think 'about it' & n take a step back ,, i remember how amazing LIFE truly is & dat myB . Juz myB , i like being UNPERFECT ..

Monday, January 24, 2011

intrusion of privacy

intrusion of privacy ~  PENCEROBOH HAK PERIBADI..


any1 ade sikap yg macam ni ? OHH ~ sila berubah oke !
sama skali tidak ade yg suke dgn owg yg mcm ini ! 
mencabul  menceroboh sewenang2nyer ..herghh ~

sgt tidak patot ~ membuka msj tipon sy tanpa sy tahu dgn cara sembunyi2 .. *ayat sy cool !
saya marah atas perbuatan itu ! ngek pnye owg ~herghh ~